What If You Could Go From Being Frustrated As a Mom to Fascinated In No Time Flat?

“Why can’t you control your kids?”

How many times have others said this about you or you’ve said it to yourself? If you’re honest with yourself it’s more often than you care to count.


  • Are the first to drop your kids off and the last to pick them up for school and daycare
  • Blame your child’s behavior on everything—food, life, environment but everyone knows it’s not the other things it’s really you
  • Hide in the bathroom often times to get away from your child
  • Feel ashamed and alone because you can’t really attend social events because no one wants your child around
  • Haven’t done anything special for yourself because you cannot ask anyone to watch your child due to their behavior
  • Often times you secretly wish your child could hang out with some “good kids” and hope their good behavior rubs off on your child

What’s worse, you know that if you continue this way, you’ll end up lonely, depressed, and friendless because all your friends are tired of you not doing something about your child’s behavior.

But I know you’re thinking, “What can I really do about this? I have already done everything I could and here’s where we are.”

 I get it because I was just like you. THE. WORST.

I was such a basket case as a parent that I was often the talk of the community and didn’t even know it.

 I get it because I was just like you. THE. WORST.

I was such a basket case as a parent that I was often the talk of the community and didn’t even know it.

This is why I designed From Frustrated to Fascinated, with moms like you in mind. This self- study course allows you to start, pace and continue in your own time. There are certain parts just for you the parent then there will be parts where you enjoy with your child. I guarantee you will have so much fun that you won’t even think of it as a course but a lifesaver.

Your child will also enjoy this course. You will understand completely why I titled it “From Frustrated to Fascinated” because you will be fascinated with the results. These are the exact strategies that I have used time and time again with my children and others across the world and they will work for you too.

As long as you work it.

There is something about using the methods that I teach you that will have you and your child bonding over blocks and singing over socks. Well maybe not socks but you catch my drift. When you sign up for “From Frustrated to Fascinated” you get a partner in your parenting that will help you walk through the process.

And it’s available to you today.

From Frustrated to Fascinated only works for moms who are not perfect and really want to change the results they’re getting. Friends of mine who were generally perfect parents haven’t seen noticeable results. But for far-from-perfect parents like me, it’s a lifesaver. And I’m not just using the word “lifesaver” because it sounds good, but frankly, that’s what this course is.

I’m sure you have hesitations about From Frustrated to Fascinated.

After all, it’s an investment — and it’s something you have to ingest. So let me address some of those questions right now.

Will Frustrated to Fascinated take too much of my time?

Not unless that’s what you wanna do with your life. This is a self-study course so you can stop and start whenever you please. You may experience a greater love and appreciation for your kids, but other than that, time is on your side. So as for time, take as little, or as much as you need to get through the course.

Will Frustrated to Fascinated work for me?

If you have a “my-kid-frustrates-the-crap-outta-me” problem, yes. If you are Perfect Patty and love the air that your child breathes, not only is it not gonna do much for you I want you to send me your kid, literally. I would totally pay for shipping and handling.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

I offer a 30 day guarantee. If you take the course and apply as directed and don’t see results, I’ll happily return every cent.

Total investment is only $147!